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About Merit Screw

A history nearly 100 years in the making

Merit Screw Machine Products Company opened its doors in 1928 as a modest size job shop on the West Side of Chicago. Over the years it grew in size and capability, eventually moving to a custom built facility in the suburbs.

Surviving the Great Depression, wars and recessions, it has been a leading presence in the screw machine industry for nearly a century.

Embracing a revolutionary concept

From the start, Merit has continually been at the forefront of industry advancements. It transitioned from machines operating off a central overhead belt drive and pulley system to machines run by compact individual electric motors, well before their use became widespread.

Similarly, innovative thinking led it to embrace the revolutionary benefits of Swiss machining over 50 years ago with the purchase of its first Escomatic. It then began investing in Swiss-style CNC turning machines.

Evolving and expanding with manufacturing technology

Recognizing the extraordinary capabilities of Swiss screw machines, Merit continued to evolve and expand with this advanced manufacturing technology. It was one of the first companies in the U.S. to make a sizeable investment in Swiss-style CNC turning machines created by Tornos. It also was the first to install the Tsugami MU-38SY, which at the time was the largest capacity Swiss-style CNC machine available.

Ingenuity and innovation

As specialists in the field of Swiss-style precision machining, Merit brings vast experience and immeasurable expertise to each job. That knowledge translates into Merit’s ability to handle designs for small, complex components with ingenuity and reliability.

Premium quality parts have always been the standard at Merit. We are also ISO 9001:2015 certified and have processes in place which exceed even those strict requirements. However, producing exceptional parts is not the whole story.


Service and commitment

Merit aims for customer satisfaction on all levels, from attentive communication to competitive pricing to on-time delivery. Our success at comprehensive customer service is evident in the decades-long relationships we build with many of our customers, some of which have relied on Merit for more than 50 years.

Merit also places a high value on its relationship with employees. Many current employees have been with the company for an average of 20-25+ years. Their skill, dedication and professionalism are a considerable asset. They form a high caliber team that consistently gets the job done.

Carrying integrity and innovation into the future

Founder Ernest Gustafson built a successful business by supplying superior products and service to all customers. His two sons, Ronald and James, later joined him in that journey.

Eventually Ron took over the reins, leading the company for more than 40 years. His inspiring legacy of integrity and innovation continues to reverberate throughout the company today. It is that legacy – along with an ardent commitment to excellence – which this third generation, family owned and operated business proudly carries into the future.


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